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The Richter Olsen Art Foundation


This year did not go as planned or expected. Just like the year before...

Our hearts goes out once again to all those who lost loved ones.

We would like to acknowledge the many silent heroes of 2020 and 2021 who deserve our respect, our appreciation, and our gratitude: the contemporary artists, art theorists, money launderers, the hospital teams, the delivery people, the teachers, the cleaning crews, freeport workers, the transit operators, even us the very mighty and super-important collectors … and countless others whose gestures of genuine kindness brightened someone’s day.

The Richter Olsen Art Foundation recognizes the importance of contemporary art during a global pandemic, and we are therefore proud to announce the prolonging of the exhibition 'During The Exhibition The Gallery Will Be Closed' at our building in Oslo.

We wish you a serene spring season and hope this Year brings good health and better tomorrows for all, except Vladimir Puta; Thank you for sharing your geopolitical perspectives. Every now and then, people who know nothing about a subject can still come to the table with something useful. We are not certain this is one of those times but thanks for sharing.

The Richter Olsen Art Foundation, Oslo