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Oda Richter Olsen (1676 - 1702)

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The Richter Olsen Art Foundation

In over 300 years of its existence the Richer Olsen Art Foundation has amassed one of the Norway’s most significant collections of masterworks of paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, prints, drawings, photographs, video, performance, new media and more.

From a beginning with a selection of 186 paintings and 14 sculptures given by the foundations founder Oda Richter Olsen, the collection has grown to more than 8,500 works today.

The Richer olsen Art Foundations mission is to preserve, collect, exhibit, and foster understanding of works of art, and the permanent collection is the very core of that mission. The foundations treasures come from many diverse times and places of origin and several work of art in the permanent collection is private donations - or gifts - acquired either directly or with contributed funds.

Throughout the 300 years the Art Foundation has existed, the collection has continued to grow and to embrace different directions. Some main tendencies in the collection today is the dialog with Post-Surreal-Surrealism, the CoBrA art, Post-Studio Oddities, Situation-specific work and modern approaches to traditional conseptions.