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General Enquiries: info@richterolsen.com

The Richter Olsen Art Foundation, Oslo

Office address:

Keysers gate 1

0165 OSLO

Postal address:

PO box 6753 St. Olavs plass

0130 OSLO


Opening hours for the Information Center in Oslo
Temporarily closed due to old Covid-19 restrictions and new fear of war

Executive Director:

Errika Schwartz

Head of The Richter Olsen Collection, Oslo:

Kitty Kristensen

Executive and Administrative Assistant:

Ieuan Krause

Exhibitions Coordinator:

Michele Cortes

Digital Projects Coordinator:

Johanna Reiss Gilmour

Cultural mediation and Audience Development Coordinator:

Pippa Lara

Educational Programs and Audience Development Coordinator:

Michelle Anli Bowler

Communications Coordinator:

Coby Sutherland

Exhibitions production assistant:

Mattie Langley

The Richter Olsen Art Foundation, Genève

Office address:

Ports Francs et Entrepôts de Genève SA

Route du Grand-Lancy 6a

1211 Genève


Opening hours for the Switzerland regional office in Genève
Temporarily closed due to Covid-19 restrictions and the Russian leadership's need to show off

Executive Director & Head of The Richter Olsen Collection, Genève:

Falak Finney