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Born 1967, in San Francisco.

Wittus is from a small village in Norway, but have lived in Oslo the past 6 years. He started his art-career in 2011, and he works mainly with minimalistic sculptures and installations.

All of his art is made out of things he finds in the streets, and construction places are his favorite place to look for stuff. Everything he makes can always be repurposed and have a function. 

His works are criticism towards the art-world. He is tired of artists making more stuff into the world, when it already exists so much here. Artists are simply just litterers in his mind.

Through his works, he also criticizes the art-buyer. Having art in the home is a symbol of wealth and status. Wittus thinks that is disgusting, and that the art buyer should rather use their money on people that really needs it. One of Wittus biggest wishes in life is that one day success will be measured in how many people you have helped, instead of the absurdity of art. 

Penetrating Through Life
Wood, Leca-brick, plastic pipes
128 x 82 x 26 cm

Why Are You Here (You Suck)

foam rubber
1190 x 195 x 13 cm