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Waldemar Wolfgang


Born 1974, in Oslo.

Waldemar Wolfgang is a master painter who has studied at many high profile institutes all over the world. At 17 he traveled to Germany where he lived and worked in a monastery for almost three years. The recurring biblical and religious references can be traced back to his years at the monastery. He currently lives and works in a remote lighthouse, which he has turned into his studio. Waldemar is the only son of Margrete and Joseph Wolfgang. After their passing Waldemar pursued a career in philosophy throughout his 20s.

The philosophy turned out to be a dead end for Waldemar and he chose to focus more on his art. This turned out very successful for Waldemar as he has been featured in many grand exhibitions. After the passing of his dog Rufus last year, Waldemar Wolfgangs art has become more and more dark.

Waldemar Wolfgang

Eternity Gate

Oil on canvas
20 x 20 cm