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Mike Hunt


Born 1969, in New Orleans.

Mike Hunt is an American-born artist, born in the swamps of New Orleans, and he is the adopted son of the famous Cajun-chefs Ben Dover and Seymore Butts. After a tragic incident with some bad crawdads, Mike immigrated to Norway to further expand his art career and for his profound love for experimental accordion music.

He is a self-proclaimed lefty and therefore exclusively paints with his non-dominant hand. Mike is a self taught painter and has from the get-go only painted female genitalia. The lack of a female role model in his life, and the fact that he is still a virgin makes this task a bit cumbersome.

In 1997 he participated in an art exhibition at NOMA (New Orleans Museum of Art) along with his cousin Al Koholic and bestfriend Clint Oris, who died shortly after, being impaled by a rebar. This incident may have contributed to Mike's lifelong journey of painting the perfect vulva.

Mike Hunt
The Light
Aquarelle on paper
26 x 36 cm