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Kjell Fischer


Born 1972, in Stavanger.

Fischer is an art taxidermist, mainly working with shellfish.

Part of the artmaking process is that Kjell Fischer is always catching his own prey, which has a performative aspect. In later years Fischer has studied the art of taxidermy, and therefore expanded his knowledge, thus making him the legend he is today.

Fischer is famously known for his Pop-up art exhibitions on Youngstorget in Oslo. The artist wishes to shine a light on the sinking population of shrimp in the ocean. In recent years Fischer has been mourning his late wife Curry Fisher, mostly known for her role in the Bollywood production of "Shrimp Wars". He has recently made a comeback with his trusty companion Tare Tang and toured extensively throughout Norway with the installation: Tang og Tare, En reise gjennom havet (Seaweed and Seaweed, A Journey Through The Sea). An installation in where the duo takes you through an emotional journey through the lifecycle of the shrimps.

Kjell Fischer

Shrimp Fantasy I - III

Jewlery (Silver, shrimps)