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Born 1986. in Charleroi.

Finchenhagen is a curator and cultural producer educated in banking administration, cultural management, and curatorial practice in Switzerland, France and the United States. They are the founding director of “Vagizzza´n Storys” a vearable situation for art practice and critical exchange. 

They was the coordinator of cultural programs at the KristenZen Institute in Gambia from 2008 to 2010; collaborated with the Dakar Biennale from 2010 to 2014; Specialising in photography, sculptures, and public political climate, Finchenhagen has curated exhibitions in Norway, Gambia, Brazil, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and the U.S., and written on contemporary Belgian art. 

Finchenhagen is most known for their political artwork with a sharp and humorous view on the capitalistic world. They live and work in a secret place hidden from the society.

Lev i Puzzy
Denim, clay, paint, diamonds
100 x 60 x 27 cm