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Born 1988, in the Amazons

Edvin Skodvart Beckenbauer Johnson has lived and worked in York, UK since 2018. He holds a MFA from the Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts and a bachelor's degree in philosophy from UiO.

In the last couple of years, Edvin has worked a lot with pop art, political satire and abstract expressionism. In this exhibition he refers to a number of works of art where he quotes the works as “A pile of rubbish that makes me want to throw myself down a cliff far away from civilization with the rubbish, swallow plunge against asphalt. I do the world a favor by destroying all that crap and the processing of someone being responsible for this at all makes me not want to live anymore".

Skodvart Beckenbauer Johnson is interested in making trash art copies of others' art and has been doing so since 2010. He is also interested in making copies of the copy with another material. He has worked a lot to obtain and borrow sculptures in marble, stone, bronze and iron and recreated them in plastic and rubber. 

Typical of an Edvin exhibition involves a number of similar works that have small differences in level of detail. He is famous by exhibitions such as 'Door' (2019), 'Bed' (2018), 'Lamp' (2016), 'Guitar' (2015) and 'Utensils' (2014).

Edvin Skodvart Beckenbauer Johnson   

Edvin Skodvart Beckenbauer Johnson



Wood cut, aerosol

59 x 42 cm