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Columbina Blue

Borned 1983. in Novi Pazar.

Half woman, half man, half machine. Columbina Blue is a performance artist, muscisan, Neo-Drag, designer, choreographer, burlesque dancer, activist, and real-life cyborg. She calls herself a Cybergenetic Creature, or a Soul and Body Alchemist. Her art is both decadent, beautiful, and groundbreaking. Behind makeup and silicon is a brilliant mind. She has transformed her body with plastic chirurgy and installed microchips that for instance allowed her to operate sound, lights and computers during her shows. Her mediums are various: fire, deforestation machines, axes, knives, guns, liquids, musical instruments, media technologies, her dick, and medical, cosmetic and digital implants. She explores how we create and separates sex, personality, social belongings, and the artistic fields. She is like an extreme mix of ORLAN, Marina Abramovic, and Alexander McQueen. As transgender, transhuman, and transitional she bends the boundaries of art and human potential. She has been active in both the underground scene as well as public art shows and galleries in Serbia, Berlin, USA, London, Sweden and Russia.

Columbina states "I´m just an echo of the world, a reaction of someone else's movement". But Columbina has started her own movement, together with her wife from Norway, Columbina bought a big horse farm in Seimstrand, 2014. The farm works as a residency, kollective and workshop for artists. Right now Colombia is active with a Futuristic Art Circus, and she exhibits parts of her costume and artifacts from her performances.

Columbina Blue

Rasputin´s Case

Leather harness, painted brass torso (specially tanned Cordovan-leather from the arsehole of one of Columbina´s own horses)

80 x 50 x 77 cm