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Carmine Bobby Johannes Jampijimpa Ganambars

Born 1959, in Karratha.

Being half aboriginal and half Australian, Carmine uses his art to portray intricate though simple humanoid shapes and abstract landscapes. Mostly derived from the time he toured the country with a group of circus artists as a fire breather where he found a home to express his art. Blending the western and aboriginal lifestyle and culture together in a psychedelic and contemporary style

Even though his art is addressed as being dark there is still portrayed somewhat of a naivety and playfulness. Mostly utilizing a black and white approach to his art, Ganambars at the age of 62 is still exploring the use of colour and still has a childish approach towards his art.

Carmine Bobby Johannes Jampijimpa Ganambars

There Are But Two Colours In My Head (The Universe Is Black And Red)


Marker, aquarelle, fountain pen on paper

50 x 75 cm