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Bengt-Ove Berntsen


Born 1986, in Bærum.

Berntsen is an artist, contemporary dancer and screenwriter who was born and raised in Bærum. Norway. He works in a wide range of mediums.

Bengt-Ove often works with color as a starting point. He often draws inspiration from photographs and performing arts and places it in a different context. Since graduating from the Oslo Academy of the Arts in 2012, he has had a number of performances and exhibitions. He has participated in several collaborative projects in Berlin and Stockholm and exhibited in Norway at places such as Kunstnerforbundet, Melk, Kunstnernes hus, Galleri format, Galleri Haaken and Galleri Dobloug. He has also written and participated in some plays for the National Theater in Oslo, Carte Blanche in Bergen and The Other Theater in Oslo.

Bengt-Ove about his own work: I worked a lot with scenography and contemporary dance. The scenography uses a circus aesthetic mixed with futurism and mythology. I play the role of the play's clown, but I am not present to make the audience laugh. This is an expression that shows the "crying clown". The clown's pain and grief are shown through a series of bodily movements and facial expressions. The character is inspired by Japanese butoh dancers and draws this element into a futuristic circus performance. The character is also inspired by "The Squank" from an American folk tale which is an unhappy creature that leaves traces of tears wherever it goes.”

Bengt-Ove Berntsen




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