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Arthur Ginart


Born 1992, in Baton Rouge.

Arthur Ginart was born Louisiana in 1992 but he and his family moved to Oslo at a young age. His paintings use few colors, but he utilizes them efficiently as he believes in simplicity as a way to convey complexity. The motives of his paintings recently are based on dreams from his childhood.

To give his works more depth he often sows strings into the canvas. Arthur Ginart paintings are meant to be both introspective and extrospective. In his older works he has experimented with different methods of extracting works of art from his subconscious. These vary from sleep deprivation to mild starvation. These works have been exhibited at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and the Henie Onstad Art Center amongst others.

Arthur Ginart

A large amount of flies and a pedestal, in an otherwise empty room


Acryl on canvas

61 x 49 cm